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Neediness Is Not Becoming renaissancebaby Recommended 28 05/28
The PURPOSE of Blogs renaissancebaby Recommended 13 05/28
Things I have learned from growing inward.. ... renaissancebaby Recommended 9 05/28
Use of language renaissancebaby Recommended 22 05/26
The Dollars and Cents of the Matter renaissancebaby Recommended 37 05/25
Traditional Gender Roles... renaissancebaby Recommended 15 05/25
NEW TO THE SITE? Sugar babies check your details ... renaissancebaby Recommended 26 05/24
A *vent* about sex on the first meeting renaissancebaby Recommended 49 05/21
What I Am Looking For bbritster 7 05/20
WOULDN'T U LIKE TO SPOIL ME Lovely010494 12 05/20
RB's Wildly Artistic *WISHLIST* renaissancebaby Recommended 21 05/20
Platonic Relationships BellaRose2007 16 05/20
Help with living costs? BellaRose2007 20 05/20
Red Flags - Ditch That Loser (SD-edition) renaissancebaby Recommended 31 05/19
Red Flags - Reasons to Ditch That Loser renaissancebaby Recommended 32 05/19
What she wants vs. What she needs... renaissancebaby Recommended 48 05/18
Why are you single? renaissancebaby Recommended 26 05/16
Materialism vs. Appreciation - What is "support" ... renaissancebaby Recommended 27 05/16
looking for good conversation over coffee choc2055 22 05/11
Dear Mr Grey, Alternative_chic 32 05/09
Sugar Daddy red flags shanak_xo 65 05/05
What I want curious83 41 05/04
taste for chocolate choc2055 40 04/28
where are the daddys that like black wome choc2055 42 04/27
Abit of truth. summer_reign 84 04/08
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What I want
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A *vent* about sex on the ...
Materialism vs. Appreciation ...

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BDSM and Sugar Babies
Neediness Is Not Becoming
The PURPOSE of Blogs
RB's Wildly Artistic *WISHLIST*
Things I have learned from growing inward.. ...
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