Fancy Dining

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  • Candee356 ( 19S / Auckland, Auckland )


    I'd love to be taken somewhere that'd require me to dress up a little. This is something that I've done very rarely in my life, and I welcome the change. That said, a little creativity is always appreciated; I'll thoroug  more>>

  • queeniec ( 35S / Australia )


    Dinner or lunch....your choice. Show me something about who you are from ur selection and better make it something to get my attention.

  • mrdetailer ( 49S / Santa Barbara, CA )


    Going out to dinner and having a nice walk on beach at night and having a romantic eveniƱg

  • Pinkston ( 32S / Louisville, KY )


    I love food. It is one of my weaknesses. So a perfect evening out for me would incluse great food and beautiful scenery.

  • DinaBaby23 ( 23S / North York, ON )


    On a first date it will be nice to be able to go out somewhere classy and quite, in which we are both able to dress up and look fantastic, and be able to conversate and get to know each other

  • Amandaxx ( 23S / Owensboro, KY )


    I absolutely love eating out. I don't do it too often at all and woul love to go some where really fancy for once.

  • Molijo ( 20S / Chicago, IL )


    This is a sugar dating site. I don't want to go for a walk on the park...

  • PussyCat2015 ( 39S / Perth, Western Australia )


    A romantic and sensual dinner.

  • a11111 ( 30S / Miami, FL )


    public place, for a drink / dinner and to see form there.

  • Jade_Summer_Love ( 30S / Melbourne, Victoria )


    Either you take me out to your favourite restaurant where we get to know each-other over a bottle of fine wine or you bring the wine to my city apartment and we order in for a more intimate meal.

  • BRANDEDONE2 ( 48S / New Port Richey, FL )


    Looking for long term. Lets talk.

  • VanessaSwan92 ( 22S / southern, New South Wales )


    I really just want to be swept off my feet. Show me all you could do for me. I like a bit of everything so im not fussed to much

  • Sahara16 ( 30S / Melbourne, Victoria )


    Fine Dining, and somewhere classy.

  • BrittBratt1288 ( 27S / Vineland, NJ )


    Just having fun with each other!!!!

  • Caligirl11 ( 29S / Marina del Rey, CA )


    I love great food and wine. Why not enjoy this together?