First Date Ideas

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  • curvyrose ( 23, Sugar baby / Edinburgh, Scotland - Midlothian )

    A lovely dinner getting to know one another. Followed by a few excellent drinks and a walk along a beach or other nice area.

  • Madison93 ( 23, Sugar baby / Pleasant Grove, UT )

    Deep conversation over wine and good eats.

  • crystalkias ( 18, Sugar baby / Brooklyn, NY )

    A dinner would be nice but I'm more interested in something casual and sexy.

  • KeriKrumble ( 24, Sugar baby / St. John's, NL )

    I'm a fan of good food! There's a few restaurants in the city I adore.

  • Anastazia25 ( 20, Sugar baby / North Little Rock, AR )

    Maybe a candlelight dinner or to travel to a different place

  • blacgoddess ( 19, Sugar baby / Boca Raton, FL )

    My idea of a date is going shopping then a nice dinner afterwards .

  • Gabriellababy ( 19, Sugar baby / Los Angeles, CA )

    I would like a drink and a nice dinner and some discussion sounds perfect

  • JellyBaby333 ( 29, Sugar baby / London, England - London )

    I'm up for all sort of foodie adventures accompanied by intelligent conversation and a large dose of humour x

  • theshaneblack ( 42, Sugar daddy / Panama City Beach, FL )

    Go for a nice boat ride to shell island and have some Dom, then cruise over to the shrimp boat for a 4star dinner. Afterwards we will let the sea guide us.

  • lucieluxo ( 23, Sugar baby / Dallas, TX )

    My ideal first date would be a man who picks me up and takes me to a nice restaurant and we have great conversation and get along so well that we decide to go shopping afterward so we figure out our material likes/dislik...  read more>>

  • MikaCuriosa ( 25, Sugar baby / Berlin, Berlin )

    I love good food. It doesn't necessarily needs to be fancy, I also love to go to hip places. I like surprises also creativity those keep me interested.

  • Leah6409 ( 19, Sugar baby / Port Saint Lucie, FL )

    Fancy dinner then walk on the beach.

  • AliLovesYou96 ( 19, Sugar baby / Columbia, SC )

    Love eating at the trendiest high end resturants.... i am an extreme foodie :)

  • Dutchess95 ( 21, Sugar baby / Paris, Ile-de-France )

    I'd love a nice dinner with a good talk.

  • tatiana88 ( 27, Sugar baby / Belleville, IL )

    My ideal date is a man sending a driver to pick me up With flower and fancy wine. Then driving me to fancy restaurant where I can enjoy a five star meal.