First Date Ideas

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  • Izumie ( 22, Sugar baby / Hearst, ON )

    I love going out for dinner as a first date, it's a great way to sit down and get to know eachother. Or simply go for a long walk and chat for hours.

  • AugustDarling ( 20, Sugar baby / Bettendorf, IA )

    I like to have a long dinner date to focus on getting to know one another. Our first date is the time to clearly define our wants, needs, and goals for the relationship. The more quiet the restaurant the better to ensure...  read more>>

  • Miss_Lynn ( 20, Sugar baby / Eugene, OR )

    A nice beautiful dinner while we get to know each other to see if the connections there!😘

  • Blondygirl52 ( 25, Sugar baby / Bothell, WA )

    I love trying new places!

  • becbigtits ( 19, Sugar baby / Melbourne, Victoria )

    I'd love to have a nice intimate dinner with nice food and then a walk along the beach

  • DelightfulMelody ( 19, Sugar baby / St. John's, NL )

    Love trying new food, take me somewhere I haven't been before with unique tasting food and I'll be impressed!

  • Alli98 ( 18, Sugar baby / Minneapolis, MN )

    I would love to have a fancy dinner with you because I love trying new things!

  • NaughtyAmanda ( 21, Sugar baby / Miami, FL )

    Go out on a romantic sushi date, a long walk on the beach and drink a fancy bottle of wine while watching the sun go under..

  • Lolathekitten ( 19, Sugar baby / perth, Western Australia )

    Either a fancy restaurant, or something with adrenalin like sky diving, race car driving, or shark cage diving (even though I might freak out)..

  • ash1998 ( 18, Sugar baby / New South Wales )

    I would love to be taken out to a fancy dining so we can talk about our lives and what we want out of it.

  • aliyah319 ( 18, Sugar baby / Charlotte, NC )

    i just love the city so i would like something where we could go eat then go explore the city

  • SdoubleT ( 20, Sugar baby / Victoria )

    Fine dinning, wise conversation and a relaxing walk.

  • pinksugarbabe ( 18, Sugar baby / Portland, OR )

    For our first date, I would like to go out to a nice dinner.

  • Gisele69 ( 20, Sugar baby / Houston, TX )

    Start with a nice dinner with a couple of drinks. Good conversation, laughs and just see where the night takes us.

  • LuxinaLovely ( 23, Sugar baby / New York, NY )

    An luxuriant dinner can be anywhere at a expensive restaurant or if your place is clean neat and very cozy romantic then yes