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10 Things a Slave Needs From a Master

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I was browsing through BDSM-related articles in search of a new and interesting journal prompt to write about. While searching, I kept seeing articles that suggested what Dominants’/Masters’ need from a Submissive/Slave. But there is almost no information suggesting what Sub missives’ and Slaves actually need from a Dominant or Master-so I decided to take on the topic myself. Here it goes…




       •·.·´`·.·•10 Things a Slave Needs From A Master•·.·´`·.·• 

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1. Time.
I think time is the most important because of how vital it is for the overall health of the relationship. There are MANY different types of slaves and they are all different, but I think that every slave desires time from their Master. And its essential for a Master to provide the proper amount of time for their slave, otherwise, I don’t believe you’re really looking for a slave. A slave requires love and mentor-ship while a Master requires obedience and trust. <—-All of these things take time to develop.

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1 year ago

So, who, in these relationships to you actually has the power?

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I used to go to parties where there were several MASTER / slave relationships.  Very interesting !