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A Pioneering Spirit

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A woman with a pioneering spirit are hard to come by these days (seems to me anyway), most want a glass, steel, concrete environment with an ecosystem consisting of an elaborate shopping mall nearby, and who are comfortable being caged in a crowded metropolise. The majority of women that like me, don't like living on a ranch in the country, and yes there are some women that like to live in a country setting, however don't like critters, be only 5 minutes from a mall, and surrounded by opulence. I've met women that want me to give up my pioneering ranch lifestyle for a more "civilized" city life, yet now more than ever with there being COVID-19 PANDEMIC INFESTED METROPOLISES, I'm definitely staying put outhere with the critters in the isolated country outback, on my ranch surrounded by the mountainous scenic wilderness, in a small community of country folk. Should there be that rare women that desires a country gentleman with a pioneering spirit living a country lifestyle on a countryside ranch locacted in a small American community of decent folk that is part of the resort community of San Diego county in southern California, read my profile first, if you like what I've posted let me know.To one and all...,Happy holidays!

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