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Abduction Play

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Ladies, This man on here asked me to meet him in a parking lot 2 hours away from my house and give him my phone and all my devices so that he could tie me up in his basement for 2 days to role play.. now I have heard a lot of shit in my 28 years of living but a stranger just picking you up in a parking lot to tie you in his basement sounds like a set up to me.I have never heard of that in my damn life. Im alive so clearly I didn't go but don't let these men trick you into getting yourself killed. Be safe at all times. His name was Paul and he has a YouTube called Pages of Paul and he's a singer. He was a nice guy at first and a gentlemen however he insisted on this role play on the first meeting. I was so damn scared because I made a huge mistake and told this man where I work where my real number etc. He's older so I had this stupid idea that older meant safer ... bish no!!! run !!! I am not meeting someone to be tied up for days. Thats a bit much for me . Anyway thanks for listening to my little story,. I cut him off, blocked him and I think im gonna change my number .