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Abit of truth.

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1 year ago



Hello Sugar Babies and Daddies,

I have very staunch rules about meeting people via this forum. I decided to experiment, and loosen the reigns a little...

I was wildly unimpressed by one gentleman who likened this process to prostitution, kept referring to our presumed ongoing 'arrangement', and whom forcibly gripped the table we were sharing with both hands when I quietly mentioned that I require intellectual stimulation for anything sexual to emerge.


So, please allow me to clarify a few points:

1. Marriage can make whores of us all; I think I can say I speak for many (not all) women and men when I say that there are lots and lots of people seeking deeper connections here than just the exchange for goods and services. With this in mind, please dont behave as if you own us, you don't. We give our time to you when we are inspired to do so. 


2. Agreeing to meet you for the first time does not mean that we will definitely want to meet you the second time. How you behave both on and offline is a delicate balance. If you want us on any level, you must understand that we must feel comfortable at all times. There are men we meet outside this forum that can do this for us, if you cannot then you will get very little from us.


3. While we can be alluring little critters, flirtatious and playful, you must remember that women are used to being aggressively pursued. If you want us, articulate it, dont jump straight to sexual inuendo. 


4. The nature of this particular forum means that it attracts people, especially men, who would seek to exploit and do us harm. Please bare in mind that while many men express concern about being fleeced for cash, many women are concerned for their physical safety. The national statistics back this up.


So lets all be a little kinder and a lot more thoughtful with one another. xx




I stumbled across this blog and as a long term SUGAR BABY, i have seen and heard it all! This blog says it all perfectly, i have had men abuse me verbally for not accepting $200 for unprotected intimacy, i had a disgusting man (who is still on this site) say " you need to be available to me, when i want you, i pay you" ontop of that he would tey and break me down & make me feel vulnerable, make me feel like i had no one but him. He also said i had no real friends or family, needless to say i got up and walked away i never looked back! Thank god as he had severe issues! 


I sat at a coffee date with a dr, explaining how disgusting certain women were due to their weight! He was no model himself, he was cold, beedy little evil eyes! It was a DISASTER!


Just 3 of the many awful dates i have had over the past 4 years! I am not overly impressed with the standards of men on this site, lets hope there is still a man who can show not all on here are psychotic! 

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1 year ago

The Abit of truth blog above is spot on! As for disgusting predators being on this site, of course! They are everywhere! Remember, there are also many women on here strictly out to, well, take the goods and/or cash! To be expected we'd find this from both sexes. The main thing is most definitely to feel comfortable and safe, both before meeting up with someone, and then most definitely once you've met!  Am very open minded, and have been sent all sorts of winks/emails etc from all sorts of people, even couples! (Really- didn't put that one on my profile- not my thing to be a playtoy to the over 50's). That said, I accept that I've put myself out there, and try to take this interest kindly. And I will say, I'm relatively new to this site, but I have had a great experience thus far, a connection that would never have happened unless we were both on here- so Kudos to that! It may, or may not work out - such is life! But the fun is in finding out!