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Angel n Jenna 2

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Okay, so we are sitting at our table drinking our coffee's and searching for possible Sugardaddies. The pickings are very slim. lol! Either they are fake Daddy's or they are too far away! Please somebody rescue us from this torturous! We wanna have some fun already!! =)

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Girls, you are beautiful. I recommend you take seperate pics, cause the white one gets over exposed by the flash & look a little spooky. Does the daddy get you both for the price of one?
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WoW u ladies look absolutely amazing! Wanna come visit me and lets go play in Martha's Vineyard?
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Hi Ladies,

great pics...I just want too know how long have you too lovely ladies been on this site for?cos i was going to say try & be patiant as it might take a nice sugardaddy to message you.I've been here for a little while & i have only so far had 2 emails & 1 nice sugardaddy i am waiting too meet.I just wanted to say dont leave just yet try & stay for a little longer as a saying goes good things happen to those who wait lol.Good luck in finding u'r hunky sugardaddy.