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Best Trip with a Sugar Babe - Cairns

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This is a short post about the best trip I have had so far with a sugar babe. It was with the person I talked about in my previous blog post. We had been seeing each other regularly for about 6 months and felt comfortable and trusting enough to go on a short holiday. We chose Cairns as someplace I had not been before for a long weekend. I booked us into the Shangri-La right on the waterfront.
Our first day there was; we went on an all day scuba diving trip to the Great Barrier Reef. Now, keep in mind that I don't know how to swim; but she insisted that we go and promised that she'll make sure I don't sink. Well, as soon as got into the water; I started to sink :) :). A air filled tube and lots of those things that kids wear later; I was finally able to stay afloat. The whole day was amazing - seeing turtles, sharks, and lots of fish. This is an natural wonder that should be experience before it disappears.
That night we had Indian food and walked along the beach talking. I think that was the first time we had a true heart to heart and talked about topics that I had not talked about to anyone else. That was the time she transcended from a sugar babe to a real friend with whom we could share our deepest thoughts with.
The next day we went hiking in the forests and just walked around exploring Cairns before heading back to the airport to go home.
We have been to numerous places since then like Sydney, Brisbane, Bangkok; but that trip to Cairns still stands out in my memory because that trip represents the best of what a SB/SD relationship is about - experiencing things that you would not have done on your own. If she hadn't pushed me hard to get scuba diving; I would never have done it. Our relationship worked because she pushed me past my comfort zone and I did the same to her. We both became better versions of ourselves because off each other.