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Breakfast Date with another singer

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So as luck would have it yall, ya girl met yet another singer.. Remember the guy I mentioned Paul in the last post ? well he must have a damn brother because the next guy that asked me out was a music teacher and a church singer. First of all this man wanted to ppm. Im not even going to mention the amount he offered for PPM because it was insulting . I told him we could talk and negotiate terms and that we did. We met for breakfast about 20 mins away from my house and guess what ? ya girl was there alone! I texted him a picture of the restaurant I wanted to meet at with the address and instead of reading what I wrote he went to another restaurant on the other side of the city. You know why he made that mistake ? Because he was so busy trying to guess my breast size and beg for pictures that he wasn't actually paying attention to me smh men. Anyway im sitting at the restaurant for 30 mins and he finally shows up. He then proceeded to flirt with the waitress, ask me sexual questions and then once again low ball my offer for an arrangement . He tells me he's retired and what he can't afford and he wish he could help me more and then asked if he could come to my home for sex for 200 dollars . When I tell you I wanted to just run out of that restaurant !!!!! omg I decline, end the date and as he walks me to my car the man tries to kiss me... after showing up 30 mins late, flirting with the waitress in my face, low balling me , then asking to come over and finally a kiss, during covid. cool. yea god hates me right now lol