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Classy & Stylish Black Ladies!!!

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1 year ago
I sometimes feel like there is a secret group telling others not
To date a Black Ladies. I know some Black females (not Ladies-because
Ladies know how to conduct themselves) have given us Classy &
Educated Black Ladies a bad Reputation as a Whole, but we are not
All alike. I don't sit back and collect welfare, being unemployed
in the Projects while Smoking weed, drinking and going out to the clubs
Every weekend! This is how several other races have defined Black
Females to me. I didn't really get offended because I know a small
Portion of females who do conduct their lives this way, but don't
Close the book on all females as that one picture!

All I am really saying is don't group us all together- I am in no way
In that category and first of all someone in that category
Probably wouldn't have the time or brains to be here-not to mention
Pay to be a Premium member!

I suggest you go to my blog if I am not what you want there is a younger
Black girl there and you can see she is Pretty and classy this is the type
Of person (If you must) that I like to be Grouped with! Someone with style,
Respect, and quality about themselves and who they associate with!
Now let's get together and Have fun,enjoy life and Each other!!

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Seriously, I'm getting tired of having to go there. White and Asian women don't have to qualify themselves and they get the world handed to them by all races of men.

I followed the rules got my paper behind my name, keep myself up and stay current to be interesting. For what? NOTHING!
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tell them lady tell them!