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Communications and respect

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1 year ago

Hello all,


I want to share with you a story from my time on the site.  It's about the importance of communications and respect, from both parties involved.  


For some months I had been communicating off and on with a wonderful lady from the site.  We had arranged a get together and meeting over a couple of weeks.  Then, the day before one of my meetings was changed and I got called away at the last minute.  I thought that might have been the end of it, but she was both gracious and fantastic about the last minute change and we stayed in touch.  Finally, we arranged another meeting and the moment we had that first drink, I knew we would be a great match.  We arranged to fly away together for a night.


At the airport, She shared with me that she had met somebody the week before and she was really excited that it could turn into something more.  That to me was great news and I wished her all the best.


We shared a wonderful dinner and then we had a brilliant evening together.  Then all of a sudden her mood changed.  She had received some messages and she realised, all of a sudden she now had a boyfriend.  She started crying and said she was going to the airport to sleep and would give back the money.


This is where respect comes in.  We are dealing with humans not escorts in this site.  So we slept in the same bed, shared some hugs (but no more), breakfast and we parted as friends wishing each other well.  I of course insisted she keep the money.


After all, it's about communications and respect, both ways


All the best.


Sd2012 xx



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Handsome and a good guy!

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I wish i could find someone so respectful and honest here,i am really scared. lol

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1 year ago

Very kind. Nice to hear there are some beautiful people around.