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Creating that connection, and breaking it

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1 year ago



I have been very fortunate to meet some wonderful ladies on this site, a small number of whom I have gone on to spend some wonderful time with.


For me, that means creating a connectiion with somebody through exchanging some emails and then maybe some phone calls before meeting in person.  I want to get to know a person and make sure there is a potential fit before the all important first meeting.  As they say, if there is no chemistry at the first meeting, then there is no point continuing.  


Some things I have found work for me are:


- Meeting for food or coffee at a neutral, non threatening venue

- Always having a well chosen gift

- Paying for the ladies time (it takes time, effort and energy to look great) and exchanging money discreetly 

- Being present and keeping the phone off or on silent

- Looking good, taking some time in dressing 


And breaking it: (yes these have all happened, or I have been guilty)


- When after all that happens there is a "no show" and no contact made, just silence

- Sending photos which have been taken casually (like after camping for two weeks)

- An old one but a good one, copying content from old emails (really just slack and a no,no)

- Getting two steps ahead of yourself (take things one email at a time, slowly)


Hope something here may help.  Cheers and good luck - SD2012 xx


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Great Advice....

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1 year ago

Thank you. Basic things to do. But a good reminder.

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Thank you very much you restored some hope:)