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Day 1 No messages

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I signed up for this site last night and no one messaged me. Am I really that ugly and unwanted by the other daddies. I am student struggling in college trying everything I can to make money and if I don't make enough soon I will be forced to drop out I can barely afford to stay at KSC. I don't think I am ugly or a waste of time. I am pretty, outgoing and I am fun to be around. I love the outdoors and I love to do hair and makeup. I am artistic and I love to sing. I love to ride horses and I love dance. I love music and I love to write. I am good at drawing but as you can tell I suck at punctuation and my English skills in writing suck. I need a daddy really bad to help me out financially. If he could message me and be there for me that would be great. I will message you back as fast as I can and I will be there as much as i can for you with my busy schedule and all. Message me.. Please!

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Something is going haywire because I liked you and sent flowers ask for a date, favorit. I think you are great Dumont Gouge Union, Ky

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1 year ago

Listen. You have to be more confident than that. Breathe and take the bull by the horns. Do not banter in a manner that is so needy. No one will take a second glance. People on here are about discretion and fun. They do not want to wipe someone's nose and hold their hands. You know what you want. Go for it. Work your angles and you will succeed. You can not expect people to give you your worth. You have to prove it for yourself. No one can define you but you. Good luck and post positive results and emotions. You will get more hits trust me.

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So it is all about you