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Descriptions - why I like to see more >>

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1 year ago

Now I am probably counter to the vast majority of the SDs on the site, but I have to admit when I see the little symbols on the description field saying more, I get more interested not less.

It is really hard to get a feel for a person in a few words, even more so if they are saying something you have read a hundred times before.  Some classic examples follow:

"I want somebody to treat me as a (insert appropraite gender word eg. princess, prince, king)"

Dont we all, but please take the tme to explain why.

"I was just stopping by and thought I would give this a try"

Well either you want to do it, or not.  If you do, convince me, why me?

Meantime there are some brilliantly written, witty, hearfelt, descriptive and sometimes outrageously well written profiles on the site. 

i guess its like most things in life.  The more you put in, the more you get out of it.