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Finally found a SB a real one and lessons learned.

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Yes I met up with a real SB, a college student, in the era of Covid. Why? 2 reasons; sites like this open up opportunities for thieves. Fake SBs can use Covid as an excuse for never meeting, or lure you into thinking that a meet up will happen. I mean what's the point of having a SB if you can't see her? Are some of us really at the point of paying someone just to talk? Online? Or risk sending someone money just to get ghosted? Isn't there supposed to be a correlation between SD/SB and dating? I enjoy proving the online only SBs wrong, they're not the only fish in the sea. I believe a very small percentage of SBs are here to actually get spoiled/make money that's my target audience and that's my 2nd reason. Covid is an excuse, we know alot more about it now compared to 12 months ago. My choice of women wouldn't even fit the high risk profile anyway. Scammers don't read blogs, but I hope you will. My SB got scammed and I got some words of wisdom for both SD/SB. SBs ....don't succumb to feeling a connection with someone online, that's how they lure you in, talking about a common problem, like depression. once they notice the connection is made, then the sob story begins. Stop!!!!! SBs why are you sending SDs money? As a SD I know my role, as a SB you should know yours. SDs will never ever ask money from their SB. BTW don't think gift cards are any different. You still have to spend money to get a gift card, got it?

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great insight....hope you find the" right" SB of the great problems about COVID is that it has driven less human all types of relationships........touch is extremely important for humans....we have to have it....or we die.....

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Also, congrats on finding a genuine SB. Good luck to you both!

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Well said, Sir! And that's solid advice for both SDs and SBs. I too have been a victim of the "online only" shit. That is, until I matured in this community and started taking this seriously. I agree that SDs should understand their role as supporters and mentors, but SBs should understand theirs as well. Some form of agreed reciprocation is important. Whether that means dating, intimacy, quality time outdoors, phone calls, video chats, whatever... for them to think it's okay to just take without offering their time in return leaves us feeling used and neglected. If my SB and I aren't communicating well... I'll find one who will.