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For the love of a Black woman

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What's happening forum,

No disrespect for all the potential Sugar Babies, :). We are all women first and we all have our own reasons for being here, which is cool.

My emphasis is on the Black woman's situation. My opinion, simply put is that I don't think it even occurs to non-black men collectively to see a Black woman as a romantic option. Our (Black) men are expanding and living their higher selves as they enjoy a multitude of ethnicities for love and sexual experiences. I want to know what caviar tastes like too.

Black women are stuck because a majority of men are too lazy and spoiled to open their minds to see Black women as special and interesting. I thought men loved challenges and unknown discoveries? No Mt. Everest outlook for us?

We were degraded when we arrived to this country, and it is yet the same. We don't have to stand naked on the auction block, but mentally (externally), it's still the same.

I'd hoped by having a Black President and family in the White House would heal some of the division in this country and open up new opportunities for us. It takes a lot to maintain pride about oneself if there is no encouragement.

My inbox is still empty and I have a lot to offer.

We are great women to know. I'll admit we can be highly sensitive, but that's because we've been through a lot. If you gain hers or any woman's trust, you will find a woman with humor, depth and loyalty.

The sugar experience I've envisioned is one of walking into the unknown and anticipating an amazing intimate experience while learning and growing from something new.
That is living to me.

For those who can see and hear, open your mind and renew it.

Deliciously intoxicating, ;)
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My experience has been AA women are "the best lovers":)

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Hi Deliciously!


I have been on this as well as SeekingArrangements for a day and I haven't gotten any emails from this site either. BUT i have gotten 3 emails from Seeking Arrangement, so try there!

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...:-) i could´nt said it better myself...a bow to´s so sad that it´s still that way..there.
//The Tigress

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That's so sweet
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Thanks. My inbox is STILL empty, girl. Damn shame.

Peace to you in your search.

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Black women, we all love you. The sexiest, most erotic and exotic women on the planet, are black. If a guy don't look at you, (see if he has a white cane). Your color is splendid!
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Thank you for your response. I totally agree with you and I hope others will join you in their refocusing. All the best in your search.

Deliciously Simplistic ;-)
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It is very interesting because when I look at a black woman I see something erotic and exotic, as a caucasian man I think that we have been brainwashed into this sterotype of blonde blue eyed large chested clones. Good for you, lets see more woman like you on the site.