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Help please

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I started the sugar baby thing this week for the first time, thought it was simple to find a fun relationship that I would be confortable with.

Wrong, and now I have questions.

I know a lot of babies and daddies are wary about each other, which is understandable. But, I now don't know how to approach some parts of the relationship I want when people ask me what I'm looking for.

I know a lot don't want online relationship and a lot of Babies are scamming and use the Covid excuse to receive money and never show up to dates.

I have a lot of SD talking to me and asking me what I'm looking for. But, we always live in different countries. I am so not confortable to take the train or plane right away to meet the person in real, I prefer to START talking online and see where this goes.

But, once I've mentioned the word online, they all stop talking.

So, first question: how..? I mean, I know you will not trust me if I say online for start, but we dont live near each other, I'm new to all of this so I don't give my trust easily neither. Do you have an advice? Would you be okay to start dating online? Would you only start talking and never start anything unless you see in real life the SB?

Also, I have a financial question.

I'm not gonna hide, I'm on a sugar daddy dating site, it is clearly not for a «ordinary» relationship. I would have gone to Tinder if I wanted that.

I really think it is disrespectful of me to talk about money when we start talking. So I don't, and I really don't want to. I genuinely like to get to know someone, so I don't mind the money at first.

BUT, it's been a WEEK ONLY since I started this, and had so much scammer or I-don't-know-to-call-them. We talk a little here, then change app. Then, they ask for nudes DIRECTLY, or sexy pictures. I wasted time, I downloaded sometimes a new app to adapt myself for the other, and the end.

Second question: when should I ask if you are a scam or not? I know SD think we are scams when we talk about money so soon, but it goes both ways. How should I ask this? When are you confortable to talk about money? Do you next the SB right away when she talks about money or activities or gifts?



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I would stick to messaging people in your country first. People who are no less than an hour drive away. If they're so far away that you have to take a train, either agree to meet in the middle or see if they'd be open to a video meet/chat.

You don't have to ask someone if they're a scammer. If they are, they won't admit it. Anyone who asks you for money to verify if you're serious - scammer. Anyone who asks for nude pictures of you and you're uncomfortable - ignore/block them. Anyone who repeatedly asks for pictures of you, after they've already seen the pictures on your profile - block/ignore. Regarding asking about finances, state what you're looking for (a relationship or whatever) and you could just say that you're looking for someone that doesn't mind removing your financial stress and being a gift giver. Or something like that.

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I'll give you the answers.