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Honesty is the best policy!

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Hello all,

         I am wanting too let all the SugarDaddies know what i am really like lol...I had a pretty good upbringing lol my parents were well off but that didnt mean i was born with a silver spoon in my mouth lol. If i wanted $$ to buy stuff i would have too work for it. I know that some chicks are here for one thing & thats a gentlemans Fat wallet lol. But i just wanted to say that i would be happy with a gentleman who is or isnt loaded it doesnt bother me as i am easy to be around, non judgemental or pushy & a very loyal fun outgoing young woman. I was with a guy for 14 years & he was getting centrelink benifts etc we were paying the morgage etc & then bad tradagedy struck i took off 1 day to be with a guy who was homless etc... Now i am back on track & happy as ever & that should tell u something lol i am happy to be with a gentleman who is eather way rich or poor u are still the same person inside & out GSOH & you just happened to work harder then some other ppl & you earned what you made CONGRATULATIONS. I am 34 year old woman i am single mother to a 2year old son who has a father & doesnt need another he doesnt live with me though.... I am very outgoing, honest sensual fathful young woman i like pretty much anything horseriding,tennis,camping,fishing,motorbikes,acting & scuba diving...I like going to comady clubs i've seen jimoen twice see live bands & weekends away pubs not really into night clubs much or just spending quite nights in watching a dvd etc. want too know more email!!!