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How "sugar" in sugar relationships goes for me

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In a previous post, I talked about having a good connection with your Daddy before exchanging cash. Now, I'll be sharing about how I like to receive my sugar.
RECEIVING SUGAR: I have a Venmo account, so 90% of the time I receive my sugar there. However, I also like receiving gifts on my Amazon Wishlist.
CLOTHES AND JEWELRY: As far as clothing, I love receiving money to buy new clothes. I will find something I like online, and send a picture of it to my Daddy. Then he'll usually send me Venmo cash to buy it. When the new clothes/jewelry arrive at my house, I like doing "mini photo-shoots" with them on and of course, sending him the pictures :)
MONTLY/WEEKLY ALLOWANCE: So I usually receive my allowance through a monthly or weekly system. My Daddy and I will come up with a good amount, which acknowledges the amount of times we meet with each other (voice call, FaceTime, long texting sessions) and he will pay me based on how long each of those sessions are. Or, we may just have a certain amount of times to chat during the week, and he'll pay me the same each week. Whatever we figure out!
PAY PER MEET: This is another option of how I receive sugar. But for me, an online girl, I like calling it "Pay per call" or "Pay per FaceTime". I receive the money through Venmo.
DINING: I also like virtually "fine dining" with Doordash/Grubhub over FaceTime! (see my Online Arrangement post). As my online babies could agree, we accommodate for the difference! If I am comfortable enough, I would love to share a nice meal with you over FaceTime.
HOLIDAYS: My favorite holidays are Christmas and Thanksgiving! ;) Take that information and do something with it!
All in all, being a sugar baby does mean receiving sugar. But only after a good, solid connection is made and trust is beheld. In addition, comfortable feelings and honest texting is always a must.In return for sugar, I spoil with attention, calls, meetings, and love.