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Is this a SD dating site or a dating game ?

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For some reason I feel like everyone is competing to see who can win their sugar daddy. When I joined I thought it would be more like “hey you’re cute let’s get to know each other” from the looks of it so far it’s like “pick me pick me!” 

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Its called " Sugar Daddy Meet". Its not the same as POF. Match. Etc. It might be helpful if all members men & women had to watch a brief video about the SD-SB lifestyle. If people who entered into this site educated themselves about "arrangements" & SD-SB relationships it would make this the type of site it is supposed to be. This is for professionals & people looking to better their lives & advance their college & careers. It is not a dating site, hook up site or a site for women or men to use each other in a negative, deceitful, or harmful way. These are intelligent people helping each other. Those of you that are not familiar with this type of arrangement need to educate yourselves.

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As only 1% of males could afford to be a real generous daddy and only 10% of those are actually single and looking for SB,
so now you have 0.1% of the male population that the SB's are looking for and know they need to stand out.




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I understand this. Lol. I see it on here and others.