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Meetups from a Daddy's perspective

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"How do porcupines mate?" - "With great care"


Perhaps this might be a good set of conventions for SD's and SB's alike.

  • The first meet is over tea/coffee, rather than a meal. Drinks are OK if both people are happy with that, but keep it public and sober as a general rule. The gentleman should offer a tea/coffee at first instance and not make the SB feel pressured to drink.
  • No money at first meeting - just meet and greet.
  • No intimacy at first meeting (that is not what a *real* SD is after).
  • If subsequent meetings take place to establish chemistry, it is gallant of the SD to offer an honorary fee for the SB. This is to show intent and respect although I would not start the full arrangement at that point, from a financial perspective.
  • At any meeting, the SD picks up the tab. No exception. Be a gentleman. SBs - a SD asking you to chip in or (quelle horreur) pick up the tab is a red warning flag. SBs - also, be a lady and don't order from the top shelf unless encouraged to do so. Remember, the best can often be something near, but not at, the top.
  • Equally, never put pressure on a SB for intimacy without an arrangement. Payment should come first.


All for now.


I would also suggest - no long trips for a meet up. How will that work over the long term? SBs in particular need to be careful making themselves vulnerable here. 

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Thank you and well said!!


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1 year ago

Also, let's not forget the risk taken by SDs in some cases:- stories are rife of men being lured to a venue and, just as events appear to be taking a "good turn", in bursts the "aggrieved husband/boyfriend". SDs can find themselves with new bruises and minus wallet, phone, car keys and sometimes even clothing, staggering around the streets. The idea of facing the police with a tale of being hoodwinked by [essentially] a Hooker and her Pimp is too embarassing for some to contemplate, let alone having to explain later to his wife...