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My First Sugar Baby Experience

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My first sugar baby was found on this very site 4.5 years ago (Nov 2015). When I joined this site; I had no idea what a sugar baby / daddy relationship meant or involved or how it worked, etc, etc. I don't even remember why I joined this site. I signed up for a month subscription to see what it is like - more curious than anything else. I like to think I've been raised to respect other people - so started contacting others with a nicely thought out message.

It was pretty demotivating at the start when you receive messages back from girls and the first thing they say is how much I am willing to pay. That was a big turn off for me and actually helped me narrow down who to meet. Eventually I got a response from a girl who seemed friendly and interesting and her profile was well written and she was clear that sex was not on the menu. She seemed promising and as a first timer in this world; felt like someone I would like to meet.

We arranged for a coffee catch up; which she cancelled because she was feeling sick - but we re-scheduled for another day. Coffee went well where we go along with each other - she tried to push me into an uncomfortable place because she gets off on that - at the same time; I was adamant that I won't get uncomfortable. Later that week, we agreed on the terms of our arrangement.

That was the start of a brilliant friendship which lasts to this day. Our relationship has blossomed over the years and I consider her to be one of my best friends. When I look back at this; I believe it worked because we both pushed each other to be better than we were. We did things that pushed us outside our comfort zones; but were there to support each other. Another aspect was that we were completely honest with each other - or atleast I was :)

As our relationship grew; we eventually revealed our true names; started travelling around the country and eventually overseas as well. An year, she got pregnant to her partner. This initially hurt me as I was falling in love with her. However, I made the decision to continue seeing her and I feel our relationship got to another level. We kept seeing each other even after the birth of her daughter and I just kept falling deeper and deeper for her. Now we were travelling the world as a threesome - me, her and her baby daughter. When she fell pregnant with her second child; that hurt a lot more and I considered ending the relationship as by now; it hurt.

We stopped seeing each other, but stayed in touch over text and messages. Came back to this site to look for others- which would be a story for another time. I am not over her; but we have stayed friends and we still regularly talk to each other. I would consider her to be my best friend and we tell each other everything.

I am glad I made that step to join this site and made that fateful decision to send her a message. I have grown a lot since that first message and would not change it for the world.

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Thanks for sharing your experience and the changes that you went through over time....showed a lot of growth and wisdom. Izzy
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this is my first time here
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