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My First Time On Set

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I'm sure that for every girl who does what I do, their experience on set the first time is very different.  Mine was actually a very interesting story.


My agent at the time was being a bit of a problem.  When I went to interview with him, I was under the impression that I needed to sell my self as this raging slut who does all these wild things in my personal life.  I figured that would make him feel a little more comfortable in taking me on as a new client and inspire him to get me a lot of bookings.  Instead, it went the other direction and he was dragging his heels to get me anything.  So, I went back to him and leveled with him: sure I'd been in a seven year relationship with a woman, but our sex life was very minimal.  Sure, I was dying to do all these wild and crazy things, but I'd just lost my virginity less than two years before and my male partner had been the ONLY man I'd been with up until that point.  He upset that I tried to deceive him, but it made him make some calls.


The first scene I shot was for a company I cannot name (I signed a NDA).  It's out there and you can see it, but you have to know where to look.  The set up was that I was auditioning for a modeling gig and another girl was competing for the same spot as me.  They set it up so she and I would have sex and "battle" for the job.  In the end, neither of us won.  the guy with the camera did because they got to film two girls having sex with each other.


I'll never forget that it was raining that day.  In Hollywood.  Pouring rain.  One of my mainstream business partners drove me to the set which was in a upper-end apartment building not far from Sunset Boulevard.  It was raining, though.  I sat in the car and waited for my agent to call the producers and let them know I was outside.  That's when the second thoughts hit you.  If you're rushed onto the location, thrown into make-up and wardrobe and then led onto the set where the cameras are ready to roll, there's no time to think about it at all.  Butting sitting in the car for almost 15 minutes in the pouring rain, you have a bit to think about what you're about to do.


This is going to be on the internet for the rest of my life...and beyond.

My family is going to find out.

Any guy who sees this is going to perceive me as a slut.

Will I be any good?


It was probably the longest 15 minutes of my life at that point (there were a couple scenes I shot later that year that seemed longer, but these are stories for another day).  Finally, a door opened and a guy came down to help me with my bags.  No turning back now.


Once inside, any of the doubts I had were instantly flushed away.  The girl I was going to be working with was attractive, but she didn't intimidate me.  She was really nice, but I also got this vibe that she wouldn't last long i the business (I lost track of her within 6 months).  We got the explanation of the scene and after doing some pictures, they started to roll the cameras.


I want to make this clear: I love what I do.  I love to act and to be filmed.  But I also love sex and I definitely have a thing for people watching me do it.  I'm sure the crew had seen two girls have sex many times, but for me, it was my first time with an audience.  So, I just allowed myself to get lost in it.  It's a technique I have perfected to this day.  Once the cameras are rolling, the real me is no longer in the room.  I am Ember Snow...and I am there to get laid, and to have as many and as intense of orgasms as I can.  I have to be aware of the camera, but I am also trying to be as present in the sex as possible.  I don't want to fake it like some girls do.  I want it to be real; for me and for the viewers.


The scene was shot "live" so there was no cutting and no on camera direction.  We just did it.  When it was over, I kissed the girl and said thank you.  We got ourselves cleaned up (I learned that I do need to bring bathroom supplies to shoots with me because we have to bathe as soon as it is over), put ourselves back together, did a few pictures for social media and then got paid.  The whole process only took a few hours and I made almost as much as I did in a month of working one of my part-time day jobs I had at that time.


I was ready to go again...and again...and again...


But now, regardless of the weather, I don't sit in cars and question what I am about to do.  I love what I do and can't wait to do more.  Because the industry doesn't book me as much as I want to, I try to do at least one shoot a month of stuff I self-produce, but even there, the money is scarce.


There's nothing like your first time...until you do something that makes you feel like it's your first time all over again.


Stay tuned....!

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