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New to the SD/sb world. Wish for s/b friends

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Hello and thank you for the time taken to look/read through this blog. I am new to the whole world of SD/sb. I joined the site out of boredom. In the first month or so of joining this site, I made the time to actually go on two lunch dates. Without getting way into what occurred,will just say that on both dates I felt no connection or attraction and therefore no second date was called for.Am looking to better understand the intricacies or structure of this life choice. But rather than learning about it from the SD point of view, I wish to learn about it from the s/b point of view.Wish to chat about why become a s/b, your experiences as such and if this role or life choice has been what you had expected.Not looking to judge,I simply wish to learn about what a s/b is to you.Feel free to message me