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Privacy, SDs and Tumblr

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1 year ago

Hello all,


Back on the blogs, with another story.  


I was was very attracted to a young SB from the site.  She was 18, stunning appearance and bright.  I thought we hit it off really well.  Three dates in and things were looking great, we were discussing a monthly allowance.


Then, I was doing some looking around tumblr.  One of my first times on that web site as I had not looked at it before.  A few hours in I was having an interesting time, until I found a Sugar blog which seemed strangely familiar.  It was familiar, because I was in it.  Our SD/SB relationship was being discussed, with the ladies real name attached.  Indeed she was pretending to be a sugar baby advice blog while answering her own questions regarding our dates and what we had been doing.  This was posted along with material, that was less than respectful of Sugar daddy's and this one in particular.


Its never pleasant to find somebody is not what you think.  Even worse when it's on Tumblr.


Maybe time for a short contemplative break.


All the best SD2012 xx


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1 year ago

Thats not good at all, perhaps a name and shame is in order!

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SD2012, I am sorry to hear that this happened to you. There are people in the world that have no manners and do not care who they hurt. The person you described is one of them. Please do not give up. There are a lot of us who have good hearts and truly care about people. I have enjoyed reading some of your blogs. They have been informative. You are a gentleman with a kind and caring heart. Please do not change. I wish you the best in your search.