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Real not fake

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hi I'm 32 I'm looking for a real daddy that can meet my needs.but I'm also here for daddy to tell me his needs! whether it's going out to a restaurant or having just a coffe an a talk I'm not a PREMIUM MEMBER so not many options but to you daddy's who sees a true baby is here awaiting you 😊

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1 year ago

So how do I know your pic is real and your not just some guy looking for cash.  If you can prove it you've got your $50 bucks and potentially a lot more. I travel a lot for work and always looking for more sugar babes to keep me company when I'm in the area.  I've got about 15 now around the globe and it's the best money I've ever spent.  I'm divorced and not looking to give away nearly half my fortune again.  Just looking for an honest woman who can say she just enjoys spending my money and not pretend to like me.  Yeah, I'm jaded.  My ex is a multi millionaire for doing nothing but saying she loved me and not following through whatsoever.

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