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Relationships before sugar

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It's the one thing all sugar babies focus on. The money.
The aspect of receiving cash in exchange for a relationship is basically what a sugar relationship is.
In other words, attention, conversation, and good times, is given by the baby to the Daddy, in exchange for the Daddy's money. But I believe that before any cash exchange should come good, solid conversations or texting! A solid connection is definitely a big aspect of these types of relationships. Money should never be asked for after one day of chatting.
Trust should always be established, as well as a clear understanding of the intentions of each s/o.
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Well said. May I add, during my limited experience here that over 75% of the women her are selling pics/videos, the profiles coming from these women suggest more of connection/relationship is in store and that's not true. On the other hand, my photos are private and a small minority of the women that I have made contact with have asked to see them. The few that ask to see my private pics have not asked for money for pics or text. So there is hope out there, but it is very limited. It's hard to navigate between the misleading profiles and the rarely seen genuine profiles.