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Seeking clarity, when shades of grey

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1 year ago

Hello again,


There are some themes on these blogs about being "honest", "blunt" or such.  Life, and judgements, are rarely that straightforward in real life.


The nature of the site is based on establishing connections, which lets be honest, would concern many if exposed in a public forum.  And there is usually discomfort or concern with friends or family being aware of these connections - thus why the word discreet is used so frequently in profiles. 


So my preference is to search for clarity about what is being sought in potential connections, assuming some background level of discomfort.  That means as an SD or an SB being comfortable with the absence of some information and potential connections being somewhat obtuse on occasions. 


Indeed making judgements, despite having incomplete or even conflicting information, is a characteristic of decisions at senior levels of business.  There is often not a right decision, just a better one on balance, at the time.  


Good luck navigating through possible connections and the inevitable shades of grey.   Ds2012 xx



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Speaking of honest, I never really understood this cricket game. Everytime it is explained to me it confuses me even more.


Yes, I'm being obtuse. I'm looking for a connection. Live is so busy, and I meet so few people and many of them just are interested in seeing new places or trying anything new.


So few people believe that they can be their true self and find someone who is a good match. Woman especially feel like they have to change their personalities completely to land the right guy. I'm done with that. This is me, and if we find a connection, some time together to laugh and smile then it was all worth it. If we don't there are many other people out there in this gaint wonderful world.


As for what our friends and families think, why is it any different then any other relationship? If you have someone that can make you happy, wouldn't they be happy for you? I hope that they would.