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Still looking,...

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I am still searching. After being on here for a few months---I am starting to think about 80% of the people on here are Russian bots. ;-) lol.
I wonder how many SBs there really are out there---like, how many really want to meet and enjoy the company of an older, experienced man. I suppose, clearly there are not many. A guy can dream, cant he?
I may need to consider that this may not be the website for me I guess. Then again, there are not many dedicated to this search like this one. I wonder, how many will actually read this blog?
We will see---until next time.
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October 4 Total posts: 4
wish you were closer. But, id very much love to date you. Unfortunately, distance puts a crimp in that goal :'(
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I am in the Midwest and i would love to date you
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hey im a new SB .
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September 8 Total posts: 4
I see you Rochcha.
Thanks for commenting. Just curious, do you find similar issues?
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