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Talking out The Side of Your Neck Part 1

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Why are you on this website? Why do you pay for membership month after month? Why do you look at all the site's information day after day and just sit on the sidelines?

Fear and desire are two sides of the same coin. You want something so bad but then you find reasons, in fear, to push the very thing you desire away. WTF!
The idea that Sugarbabies are gold diggers that pretend to care about me for my money. Or Sugarbabies sell their bodies for money and therefore have no/low morals. Or there is this one: want someone who loves me for me but I'm not leaving my situation but thanks for the good times. (Hello! that is what your wife/girlfriend is for with all of that uncon ditional love you committed to in front of God and everybody).

Sugarbabies are the sh#t. We are FUN first and foremost. A lot are educated, nurturing and open minded. We are the gateway to dreams.