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The Disappearing Daddy - When Men Disappear

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So, you know that Daddy you've been seeing, or talking to... and suddenly he vanishes? Doesn't answer texts, calls, emails... It's like he's completely disappeared? No explanation. Well, it's time to start dating with class, fellow Sugarbabies.


I read too many dating sites that talk about how men go into their caves and it is somehow the woman's fault. Unless you're a creepy stalker, I'd like to propose something completely different.


We women ANALYSE everything. You know what I mean....! When the dude disappears, even for a few hours, we go into investigation-mode, and when the no-reply becomes 2-3 days, we start doomsday-ing. We see the worst in ourselves. We anazlyse every single thing we did on the date, and find only our own faults. We criticize ourselves. We attack ourselves. We blame ourselves.




Because letting a man in makes us vulnerable.


(Don't go changing that by the way)


What you need to start seeing is twofold:

1) You, my fellow sugarbaby- darling, you are beautiful and fun and caring and lovely

2) He's not here anymore



and he's not here anymore...



Why did he leave?

=who. the. f*ck. cares=


The point is, he's not here.


...yes, I know you had feelings, and you had plans for your future with him. maybe you bought a gift for him and now you can never give it to him... perhaps you took time off to work spend it with him... or something more?


It sucks. I wouldn't deny you those feelings.

But honey, feel those feelings. Feel your frustration, sadness, anger, disappointment, abandoned-ness.

Be constructive about it tho. Hit a pillow. Watch a chick flick. Talk to your therapist. See your friends.

And remember, you are beautiful.



.....there is a vague small chance Daddy was honestly detained for 3 days and could not contact you, but admittedly unless he was in prison... or in the bush--- he has reception, access to a phone, and sending text takes no time at all, he surely takes breaks for lunch and to visit the bathroom, so that man has time for important stuff, and well, even if his mobile phone lost battery, he could go to an internet cafe, a public payphone, or any myriad of other options, and he could get in touch. SO. He's actually CHOOSING to not get in touch... and you're not his lapdog.


A male friend of mine said "With men, you have to give 'em ONE CHANCE ONLY, and if they blow it, that's it- over"


So if he doesn't get back to you in 3 days and no contact (when you've reached out), it's over. F*ck him off. He doesn't deserve you. ONE CHANCE, ladies. ONE CHANCE.





okay here some options other than the most likely (he is not that into you)-

1) you're a psychotic creepy stalker chick (hey, maybe you are... but then again, you'll be on anti-psychosis meds and in a ward i expect, so i highly doubt any of you sugarbabies truly are psycho. stop saying you are!)

2) he has family stuff - death the family, sickness, etc... and he's grieving. If he is grieving and doesn't get in touch, he will at some stage, but you're not his counsellor, so moving on with your life is a good idea here anyway...

3) he is stressed at work - men are kinda dumb in that way, because when they get stressed -most- retreat into their "man cave" and don't talk to you. well, when/ if he comes back, let him do it with his tail between his legs, because not sharing his challenges with you means he doesn't see you as his confidant!

4) he is *confused* - if he is not sure about you, he's not the man for you

5) he is playing the field - i.e. dickhead, not the man for you


Ok, so now that's cleared up....!


If Daddy disappears, without word or reason, let him go.

You're the precious one.

Don't wait around for him.


Date with class, and realise your worth-


and he's not here anymore...





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1 year ago Total posts: 2

My advise for all the beautiful babes is to be very cautious. I have been raped robbed & beaten by men and they are a cruel animal at times. Few and far between are the generous gracious gentleman. Never ever take anything personal. Stay safe ladies! know your worth. After all we are the glorious gateway to this human experience. A real gentleman will honor you in all ways, always.

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1 year ago

So insightful! Good luck with your adventures on here, and def keep writing! 🤗

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I agree with the one chance, thats all  I ask for and need.

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1 year ago

Well said...I agree. It would be nice if a 'disappearing daddy' at least had the balls to checkout though. With all the men I've interacted with on this site I've literally only had 2 (that I'd had significant interaction with) announce before departing and I LOVED it! I'm a tough-ass woman and am not bothered by rejection because I know myself and what I have to offer. That being said, the choice to go silent with no explanation is just disrespectful and immature. (And understand I'm referring to a situation where there's actually been interaction-not just an email or wink).


Daddies: It's not your responsibility to make sure a baby doesn't get hurt by your lack of interest. Be the man you are and state your case! It doesn't matter what your reason is, or if she is grounded enough to handle it-that's on her (us). Saying something prior to disappearing is the gentleman move, respectable, and an attractive quality!

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Flythai- i know.... but this blog  only has so much space. 


Maybe i need to write a book? ;)