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Unprotected Sex

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1 year ago

Each to their own, but nope not for me.

I hear things on occasion on here maybe things I don't want to hear.

Sexaul health and health in general are paramount to me. Without your health you have nothing. I wonder does anyone think of STD's and worst of all HIV AIDs?

For me, no hat, no sexy time.

I care more about my body than that.


Rant over.

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Unprotected sex is fine if you are only sleeping with one person for a long period of time. I, myself will only have unprotected sex in that situation. If it's just a fling, or a casual thing with a person who is active with other women, than of course protection is absolutely necessary.

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this young sweet gal is looking for her one true sugar daddy. 

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im bored cant sleep it will be nice to find sombody to talk to :)


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So agree

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Ithink everyone should have protected sex,

Health is everything not wealth.

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Very smart.