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What my type of Online Relationship is

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**Online does not always mean sexual. Nothing sexual for me***
You're probably thinking, "scam!" or "Gold Digger!" or something along those lines.I kid you not, I would probably think the same thing. But many times, people like me look for online relationships because that is what they are comfortable with. No, I don't ask for money the first day. No, I don't take your money and disappear (contrary to popular belief). I always develop a good connection before asking for any type of financial assistance.
Until I am comfortable enough with the person I am talking to, I will stick with communication through texting, calling, or FaceTime. But that doesn't mean hang-out opportunities are limited.
Fine Dining over FaceTime is always possible! I like Doordashing or Grub-Hubbing my food, and eating over FaceTime!In addition, Netflix and Popcorn over FaceTime is also possible, as well as online shopping, trading memes, or just having conversations.
In the end, having something online does not limit the possibilities of a good relationship (at least with me). If both s/o's are willing to share this type of relationship, the possibilities are endless.
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Online-only means no sugar for you. Daddies work hard for their $ and should not give it to some girl online who thinks they are too "icky" to be with in person.

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I love that phrase no I don’t take your money and disappear so many people have this misconstrued like, sometimes the girl wants proof too and we should very well deserve it. You can’t gift without receiving and you should receive without gifting but the phrase ladies first does not apply.