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Who gets sugar first: Daddy or Baby?

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The risk as a Daddy is that the baby will take the $ and run. This creates a "quit while you're ahead" mentality in her. Even though she knows she will never see another dime from you, at least she got it for nothing and could only lose her gain on the deal if she gives you any of her precious sugar.

On the other hand legitimate Babies fear the "Salt Daddy". If she is a bad judge of character and she does not get sugar before intimacy, she cannot enforce the obligation forcibly.

I am too nice and pretty much always roll the dice. I've had 2 dates take my initial show of faith and ghosted. One took it and we dated for 2 years. One date sugared me down for a diner. This made me feel guilty so I immediately offered her an allowance and we dated for a couple months.

Please reply if you have any suggestions about handling this pickle.

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Unfortunately you just have to find the right one and trust that they won’t ghost you. It’s sad that girls take the money and run without even getting to know a person or able to stick it out. Maybe build a connection first and give the allowance later. It should be earned.