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😒Was it a merry Christmas..., will it be a happy new year..

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😒Another Christmas has gone by and soon so will another year; my success on finding suitable life's companionship is akin to my fields during the winter: yielding a desolation of barren lonely emptyness in an isolated mountainous wilderness of futility!

🙄Typically the only women that I received inquiries from were immature youngsters in their teens to early thirties, those whose ethnicity is either black, middle eastern, or asian decent; non-USA citizens, the unhealthy, obese, imbibed in alcohol or other mind altering substances, smokers of anything, having a past or recent baggage that hinders their living life, salt or splenda b*by: wasting their time and mine; the porky paypigs, financial ferrets, money monkeys, broke buzzards, lazy leeches, slovenly sloths, freeloading frigate birds, and sickly serpents; predators that prey upon the vulnerabilities of those lonely hearts seeking to disembowl them for all their worth!😳Yet hope beckons to see what the new year brings: like my fields in the spring bringing forth the wonderous lovely new life that blooms forth a beautiful companionship with nature. Alas..., to find the one, then one must be in a position to be found, yet also results in culling the herd until that one is found to be prized above all others!😐To those seeking to cultivate a lasting relationship in vast fields of weeds, all the best in your continued endeavors!🐝🇺🇸