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.....Neck Part 2

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You guys have the nerve to judge others with little to no evidence to back it up. So it's more "safe" for you to believe the negative than to take chances and even make some mistakes to find your desires. What about y'all? You seek to cheat and lie to those you've made intimate promises to. You don't want the commitment of a boyfriend but you want s*x, time and attention from a stranger when you can have all of that at home if you try and work it out. You say that you're willing to pay for a sexual experience but somewhere in your mind, you resent it if you do ( then stay at home and leave us alone). Those of you with wives/girlfriends take care of/share finances and evnthough you don't get what you want from them and you continue to take care of them anyway. A sugarbaby is willing to play out those desires but you want us to do really intimate things without compensation because you are....? Wow. You covet what you cannot have and overlook what's in front of you. And you always pick the ones who sell you out and damage your lives.