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......Neck Part 3

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Grow up guys. If your desires are valuble to you, don't cheapen them by being obstinate. Y'all are willing to pay for other things you desire in life: expensive cars, iphones, Tony Robbins seminars etc. But paying for a great and satisfying s*x life is taboo. Personally, I would take a ring in marriage, but no one has asked me. I would love to have a boyfriend, but you guys want NSA/FWB. A single available man would be ideal, but as I prepare for him to materialize, I'm lonely and am sexually frustrated. My husband or boyfriend would be financially supportive of me so that my life would have a nice quality to it. How is giving you my sweetness both sexual and non sexual while allowing you to walk in/out of my life on YOUR terms going to increase my quality of life non sexually? Just as your situations are unique as you search for a lover, ours are unique as well.