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vampire daddy..take me away

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I've been searching for what feels like an eternity to cross paths with you. I've looked everywhere for you, in every dark den, in every dark corner of a seedy dive bar––I search for you. I imagine brushing up against you in a crowded goth venue locking eyes with you, the magnetism would consume us both. I fantasize about being engulfed in your passionate death grip to be possessed by your seduction, it kills me how bad I want you.
I need to be devoured by your deadly kisses, your bite, your tongue and bloody kisses all over my body––I need it. I can't think, I forget how to breathe. The darkness that emerges from your presence is so powerful it's hard to ignore. I am yearning for your sinister gaze.
The hunger for your touch, your embrace, an ounce of your attention––is unlike anything I've ever felt before. Sometimes I sense you are near, it's like a calling. I can literally hear you calling my name and you've got me under your spell. Unnerving yet activating. When you come to me in my dreams I feel paralyzed by your lingering sexy yet evil presence. I crave the rush, to get that close to you is an addiction..I want it, I need it. Your love is a drug and I need to score.
You are my ultimate obsession.