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Dealing with Young Gold Diggers

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Many of the young women on this site are seeking older men, and that is awesome. However, a small percentage have bad intentions when chatting with high-profile or married SDs, so those SDs should be wary if they want to avoid being blackmailed or risking their spouse being informed of their affairs by reckless or otherwise unstable SBs. Here are some things you should never do when chatting with a SB, if discretion matters to you:

  1. Never share a photo. Meet somewhere safe instead, like a lounge or coffee shop in a neighbourhood where nobody knows who you are and where your family and friends will be unlikely to show up unexpectedly.
  2. Beware of video screen capture. See above
  3. Never use your real name. Use an alias instead
  4. Never use your bank account or credit cards to pay your SB or make purchases your spouse or staff will question.
  5. Never give your real phone number. Use a burner app on your phone instead. Change the number frequently or when you have an issue with a problematic SB.
  6. If you use a phone burner app, never have it set to ring or pop up notifications on your phone. Send all calls to voice mail and turn off notifications. Test it
  7. Never text from your real mobile number. Use the phone burner text feature instead.
  8. Never use your real email account. Create a new free email account for your SBs
  9. Never turn on family sharing on your phone.
  10. Never operate a computer or mobile device without a password, and lock it when you're not using.

Even if you take precautions you may find yourself being blackmailed over a detail you overlooked. For example, maybe you met in person and she snapped a photo of you and is now threatening to ruin your reputation. Once thing you may consider doing in advance of meeting any SB is taking a screen capture of her profile page with her photos and the site logo. If you are blackmailed down the road and can't or don't want to pay, you can send the screen capture you took to her and let her know about some of the consequences of blackmailing you. For example, if she's a student, you could consider sending the photo to the Dean of the school and post it on her school's Facebook page, or post the photo outside of the apartment where she lives, or send it to her employer and post it on their website and social media pages, or send it to her family and relatives and friends and their Facebook pages, or send it to the leadership of her church and it's social media pages, or you can even give the screenshot to your newly estranged wife complete with her address and her family members and sit back and watch the fireworks from a distance.

If you've been exposed by a SB, you really have nothing to lose anymore, so get even.