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Are you an INSECURE SugarDaddy?

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 I have dated a lot of powerful men in my time, from standard dating sites, and had a couple dates met on this site. I have noticed that there is a weird thread of behavior seen in men who earn over $200,000p.a. Shockingly, it is-- insecurity....


So what is "being insecure"? Here's a list from (my) real life experiences--


  • If you need to tell me you own a white Lamborghini or that bloody blue Ferrari, you're insecure 
  • If you get defensive when you hear I have more degrees than you, you're insecure
  • If you cling on to me, or stand so close to me you're like a shadow, you're insecure 
  • If you think that I will leave you for a younger man, you're insecure
  • If you cannot believe that I actually love you FOR WHO YOU ARE, you're insecure 
  • If you cut me off when I'm telling you about my friend who is 28 and a hedge fund manager, you're insecure 
  • If you don't let me dress sexy or be beautiful in public, without you present, you're insecure 
  • If you need to show me pictures of your million dollar home (before inviting me in), you're insecure 
  • If you tell me all the details about your income streams on the first date, you're insecure
  • If you keep talking about how others are asking about me, or complimenting you on being with me, you're insecure. Ok, now this may be true... but why tell me? I am not your f*cking show pony. Don't be so insecure about me... omg.  


Basically, a man who is really honestly secure in his financial and emotional space will not talk about his money, his things, etc, because that lacks class... and if you feel comfortable where you are, you don't need to impress anyone.... you're just wealthy and that's the way it is. If you are secure in yourself, you are not threatened by your girl's qualifications, education, experience, or background. To be secure in yourself is about being okay with not being number 1 in everything - recognizing that YOU ARE ENOUGH. If you are secure in yourself, you can be with your girl and know that even giving her personal space is something very loving and healthy. If you're emotionally secure, you believe your girl when she tells you her real feelings... if she loves you, she loves you. To say that one day a younger man will take her away from you is insecure thinking. Don't break her heart and say she'll just leave you... 


Do you understand now?


Be a secure and sexy SugarDaddy.

Be a secure and sexy man.

That's what we really want.


Conquer that insecurity, and be the man women need and want!



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I love this.

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Amazing insights.  Well said!