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BAD DATE LOCATIONS -why location matters

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What are the worst first date locations? OMG Sugar Daddies, do you guys need to learn how to date with class? Read on to find out!


I was out on a first date yesterday and he took me to a pub. Now let me say this- the area of town was high class (but we were in a pub)... the pub outdoor area was nice (if we ignored all the rowdy 20 year olds) and my gin&tonic was quite good. But the food.... the clientele.. the noise.... the service.... oh my gawd. I don't know what he was thinking. 


Then he shared this little gem, "I don't think it should  matter where you are; it's  about the connection". Awww, how cute. Has he been watching too many chick flix? 







Why choosing a nice location  for your first meetup matters


If you want to facilitate positive conversation, bring out the best in a person, and show interest, you need to have chosen a nice place to meet. I know some sugar babies want to be impressed,  but it's not really about impressing someone when you choose a beautiful location.... another way to think of it is this- if you chose an average place, and the company was average, your whole experience would suck.... but if you chose a place you love and the company was averge, you could still enjoy yourself. Like when you have a key first meeting with a business client, you will choose a classy place to chat, or you'll use your offices. If the business client is not quite ideal, the experience will still have had plaesant moments. Hey, we're not asking for much, but show us a little respect and kindness when you choose the place.



Top 5 worst places to go on a first date

Before you leap into "wtf", I have experienced all these bad dates both with SDs and standard dates. Yikes, men, what were you thinking?


* Pub - too casual, noisy, not classy

* Hotel bar - seedy, way too sexual

* Wedding afterparty - too familiar too quick

* Family event - waaaaay too familiar

* Hotel room - I'm not a sex worker... don't treat me like one


I'm tempted to add the humble "café" to the list as well, but there are some really great cafés. If you're going the way of a café, check its rating on Urbanspoon/ Zomato. You want a place that's at least a 4star rating.


What ARE good locations then?

The best place is somewhere you (Sugar Daddy) know and like. Choose a lunch or dinner spot. Don't be a tight arse- it shouldn't be a place you squeeze on the cheap. Do you know the chef or owner? Does the place serve your favorite wine? Do you love the view? Choose somewhere that captivates you. If you're not a classy person, use food apps and review sites to locate a nice upmarket joint. The feeling you are going for here is to enable comfort and conversation in lovely surrounds.


It is simple broken-windows theory:: when people are in a nice, well-maintained, beautiful environment, their behavior matches it. Of coursebe on the look out for your own red flags/ warning signs, but also consider that a nasty or trashy place may make your sugarbaby feel uncomfortable....


That pub date made me feel uncomfortable. I felt overdressed and i felt like a snob for not fitting in. I tried to make the best of it, but i still felt out of place... i don't like feeling that way.... especially not on a first date. What happened to him? Well, i feel like he blew it. No, it wasn't just the location, but i thought, 'if this is his best foot forward, what kind of person is he?' And i didn't like this answer....


Just a thought.


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I am really enjoying your blogs. This is my first time here, so I take your wisdom to heart. In my thinking, a museum followed by a high end bakery/coffee shop would maximize the conversation time and minimize the distractions.  What are your thoughts?