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Happy Valentine's Day - WIFE CALLS

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When I meet a man in a social setting and that man tells me he lives alone with a cat, then flirts with me heavily, and over the course of a month he flirts more and finally on Feb 12, asks me out... i kinda assume he actually IS single. So I flirt back, consider where to place him while deciding whether i like him enough to date.. .


What I do not expect is on Valentine's Day, to have his number pop up on my phone with 3 missed calls and then on the 4th ring, I answer and hear, "HI, I'M  THE WIFE".


(Sorry, "WIFE", you've been outed on sdm- who f*cking calls the other woman when it's your husband who can't keep it in his pants. F*ck!!).


So... the wife called me to ask whether I knew he was married... nope, got me there- he didn't say he was married. Honestly the main reason I don’t pursue married men, or lust after those who are in a relationship is quite frankly because my dad dumped my mum in that way. How can you disrespect a union by f*cking it over? And then there are the women who marry the man who cheated with them... that confuses me also.... in any case WIFE called.


She wanted to let me know she's highly intelligent.

She wanted to let me know they've been together for over 12 years.

She wanted to let me know they have two kids together.

And she wanted to meet me, because "I've heard so much about you".



I'm no homewrecker.


No, i won't meet you.

What I will do is spam list, block, ban and avoid your douchebag husband...

But not before I tell him what a dick he's been...

And I, feeling quite embarrassed trying to understand...

Why is it

When the man is the problem,

Does the single woman get blamed??


---Good girl signing out

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1 year ago

If his wife cant trust him you never will be able to trust him either.


Fun is good. Breaking trust, causing pain is not

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Just chill

It happened to me also

The wife went up to me personally and raising her voice talking to me. At that moment the guy called to confirm plans. 

So I told the wife that she can have this reservation and I'll wait outside.

1 thing I applaud is that he did turn up. We walk in to our tables and I introduce him to his wife. 

He got lost for words