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Marriage Proposals and Clingy Men

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No, I will not marry you just after our 3rd date. Seriously wtf.


I went on a date recently (yeh, I have a lot of these stories), and he started acting all into me.... like waaaaay too eager. First date he was a sweetie. Second date he said he was excited that we had a real relationship. Third date he asked me to move in... and the following morning, a bloody marriage proposal.


Yep, I think I'm a pretty good catch, but even this clingy behaviour is too intense for me.


A man can certainly be honest with his feelings, share fears and vulnerabilities  (like, for example, my date said that I scare him because I am so beautiful he is scared I will leave him), but speeding things up 100-fold is too much. Now I get that some of your Sugar Daddies are lonely, and you miss having someone beautiful in your life.... but speeding up things is not right.



On the flip-side, just under a year ago I met a incredible SugarDaddy who i totally fell in love with... and I would have married him in a heartbeat had he asked me... I'm all for getting married to the right man, being in love, and having a real relationship... but not on the 3rd date!


Eh, anyway, that was today.

Marriage proposal.



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1 year ago

I love reading your 'blog' write so well and am just so talented....well done!