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CASH $$$ - But how much exactly?

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What's the going rate where you are?

After 5 months of sifting through the fakes, scammers, the not-actually-serious about being a SB etc etc, I finally had a date.

My guess is that, of the genuine SBs, maybe 90% are looking for an allowance in return for company & intimacy.

But how much exactly?

Once I'd established that my date was in need of an allowance for student fees & medical care for a relative, I broached the subject of 'how much'? As she had a friend or two in a SB/SD relationship, she was familiar with the 'local going rate'.

Converted to US$, this worked out around $700 to $1,165 a week.

I couldn't help thinking, Wow, for that kinda cash I could rent a quality hooker twice a week.

Now that's not what I'm looking for, but a minimum of $36K p.a. is WAY more than I'd intended to fork out.

Don't get me wrong, I'm offering a fair amount, but more in experiences (foreign trips, food, meals out, meals in) than wads of hard cash. There are women who would go for that but, in my experience, not many.

So, what are you expected to shell out where you are?

I'd be interested to know!

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This is a good post, and I'm glad you brought up this subject. As someone who's been involved with this community for the last six years, I can tell you that it really depends on how comfortable both parties feel. I've done PPM (which is my least favorite), small weekly allowances with gifts, and, as you mentioned, "real-life experiences" where we spent quality time together.

Generally, I won't even bring up the subject of allowances until we develop some form of trust. I don't like feeling used and neglected, so I try to establish a friendship first, or at the very least, a mutual understanding. Of all the SBs that I've met, I tend to bond closer with the ones that aren't financially demanding but are comfortable with telling me what they need or want. More importantly, the ones who understand how to reciprocate fairly. For example:

Her: "I'm short on rent. Can you help?"

Me: "Okay, I got you covered."

Her: "Want to hang out and watch a movie?"

Me: "Absolutely."


Her: "Can I go shopping with my girlfriends this weekend?"

Me: "Of course - how much do you need?"

Her: "$300?"

Me: "Okay. Meet me for dinner?"

Her: "I'd love that."

It all depends on the level of comfort in the arrangement. Hope this helps.

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It’s a wide range my friend

Totally depends on the girl.

anywhere from $250/wk - $1,000 per week