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Costa Rica

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I am in love with the country of Costa Rica. What I mean by this, is I love everything Costa Rica encompasses. The vibrant culture, the exquisite landscape, the tantalizing ocean, the diverse wildlife, and the kind hearted people.

The people:

I have had the opportunity to meet Costa Rican citizens that have now become my family. I have a really close friend there that keeps up with my health, hobbies and well-being. We met when I visited the first time. He worked for a fishing company that takes tourists on fishing trip excursions. We went on two of those fishing trips because they were so fun! I also remain in contact with a resort worker that I became close to. During our second trip, we invited him and his family to dinner at the house we stayed at. I am known as an aunt to his children. The people in Costa Rica are incredibly kind. They are so humble and kind. They are extremely respectful and always want to be your friend. I love the culture of this country.

The animals:

On a fishing trip I got to reel in a fish bigger than I am! I also got to swim with some incredible species. I got in the water with a large group of devil rays. They were so sneaky! One minute I was looking down on what seemed like a hundred rays, then as soon as I took a breath and looked again. they had disappeared! I also saw a manta ray that was so big, its length was longer than the boat! When it swam under the boat, we could still see it poking out on both sides. My favorite experience, however, was swimming with a young whale shark. The whale shark was only about 30 feet long, but it was magnificent. I formed a special bond with this creature. It would swim in circles so it could remain with me. It would always calmly swim towards me, and I could tell it thought I was as cool as I thought it was! It let me swim on top of it and feel its back. It is smooth when you brush your hand down its back one way, but rough as sand-paper if you go the other way. This is truly my most favorite story and experience. I have seen much more, but these are the honorable mentions.

I have only been twice, to the Guanacaste area, but I am sure it is one of my favorite places in the world. I am eager to return once COVID-19 has calmed down.