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Texting a ghost ...

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Hey ladies.. I was texting someone , one of these "sugar daddies " for three damn days ... three damn days, all day and all night until something just clicked... something is not right. This person would keep going back and fourth about setting up a real date and said it was because they were shy and weren't used to dating this way. Well I told them straight up that I don't have time to baby an indecisive man I just met and that I didn't think we would work out. I found out the number wasn't real, the pics weren't real tbh idk if I was even talking to a real adult man. I got catfished ... I just can't catch a break. Im not asking for a millionaire, im not asking for bill fucking gates like I just want a nice guy who knows he should help a woman out if he wants her. why is that so hard ? Do I need to take better pictures or something? maybe hit the gym? Because I am striking out. I keep having weird situations over and over again.
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SDM is not easy for the guys either. Very difficult to find a real arrangement!