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Why Italian guys are choice!

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I've never been treated better by any other type of guys. Italian men are passionate if not anything else. The chicago Italian guy specifically lol. They still make gentlemen ladies!!! 


I use to date an italian guy we will call him Mr. knives. He was temporarily seperated from his wife and was living in a backroom of the cuttlery shop he owned. Every saturday was our date night. I was young and naive lol. We went to the best restauraunts in Chicago always steak and seafood (his favorite). He wasn't the best looking guy but he made up for it in bed. He was sweet and a great lover. No matter what I needed he was always there for me. 


He got back with his wife and I never saw him again lol

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1 year ago


Italian guys! omg

Steak and Seafood..ok.not very sophisticated.


Here in Europe thats considered fast food:)


The best guys to go out with, are germans because they are direct and honest.

And very respectful because german women are very bitchy..sorry I should say emancipated:)


Unfortunately german guys can be dull and not very passionate.

Also they have the reputation to be a bit kinky, some wood say weird in bed.



I was born and grew up in Southamerica.

I  know how to treat a woman and have I passion and I'm very good in bed.

Why? Because I make it my mission that the woman has to come first and often.

Plus  I'm really creative.


Since both of my parents are german I also have the positive side of that culture. Including knowing where to take a out woman. Classy location with excellent food and good entertainment.


And a big plus I m also good looking.



Mr. North