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Posted on Jul 17, 2019 at 03:43 PM

I get asked this question all the time.  How and why did I get into the business I am in?  Well, if you have read any of my press interviews, it is no big secret.  I started off as a model and actress in mainstream Hollywood.  The problem is, the roles for petite Asian women are very few and far between.  So, when I would go in for auditions, I would end up in a room with the same 20 girls and someone with more experience (or someone willing to give sexual favors to the director) got the part before me.  It was a very frustrating experience.


I ended up meeting a couple of guys who were very smart and very professional who had a lot of great projects on their slate but were having trouble raising finances for them.  Through them I learned that actually producing my own material would not only afford me the ability to work more, but I would be in control of what I ended up doing.  I could create my own work, rather than constantly begging for work.  Although acting was still something I wanted to do, producing seemed more my speed.  I prefer to be the boss.


I ended up going out on investor pitch meetings with my new partners and they all seemed to go very well.  At the end of the meetings we'd all exchange contact info (the people who didn't have it) and go our separate ways.  Within a few hours (or a day or two) I would end up getting texts from some of these investors, saying that they really liked the project and are interested in putting money into them, but wanted to meet with me privately to discuss the terms.  When I would try and involve my partners, they would insist it be just us.  As I pushed them for more details and why just me, they would admit it was because they were attracted to me and wanted to go out with me.  Some were even bold enough to say that they would finance the project if I would just sleep with them.  I refused.  That wasn't how I wanted to be known for getting my "break."


After a couple years of this, it started to get very frustrating.  It seemed that sex was all anyone wanted from me.  I know it sounds hypocritical, considering what I am doing now, but here's the other side of the story...


I lost my virginity very late in life.  I was raised in a very tight family and never really dated until I found a way to break the grasp of my family.  I was in a (secret) relationship with a girl for many years, but we almost never had any personal time together.  I remember, just a week or so before I finally had sex with a man for the first time, telling him that I was afraid that I'd like it so much I'd become addicted to it.  In some ways, that came true.  After I took the plunge, it was all I wanted to do.  Men and women.  But finding the women, and finding men that I trusted, became a problem.


That's when I thought about just doing porn.  There's plenty of girls to have sex with and the guys are all pros.  The only downside is that I would be exposing myself to the world in this way.  So, I had a talk with my partners.  I told them my plan, but also let them know that this would be a way for me to help raise the money for our projects independently, and that I would be able to pick and choose who I sleep with in the process.  They were a little hesitant at first, but once I took the plunge, they have been nothing but completely supportive.


In February of 2017 I applied to several agencies.  I was accepted by one, but it was a big mistake.  Long story short, they pressured me to do things I wasn't ready to do right away (after they promised me they wouldn't).  It also became clear that the owner of the agency was looking for girls to have threesomes with him and his girlfriend.  I ended up having to buy out my contract so I could go with someone else.


My second agent I was with for over a year and they did a lot of great things for me.  I ended up expanding my list of acts that I perform and was able to raise my brand quite a bit, but still the top of the heap has eluded me.  But through other outlets I have been able to achieve some small successes along the way.  I'm still looking for that "big break" that will help me achieve my ultimate goals.


I hope you enjoyed my story (so far) and if you have any questions about my industry, my life or if you want to propose ways to help me achieve my goals, leave some comments for me.  But please, stay respectful and remember that even though I am an adult performer, I am still a lady.  ;)

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