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An SD's Guide To Sugaring - Part 1: Sugaring & Safety!

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What is a sugar relationship?

Regardless of what you might have heard from TikTok, Instagram, YouTube, or other social media influencers, sugar relationships are NOT platonic, online-only, or a place to sell your pictures and videos. There's a ton of influencers driving young women to these Sugar Relationship (SR) platforms with promises of easy money for doing nothing more than chatting with lonely older men, maybe selling some pictures of your feet, or at worst, maybe a little nude cam action.

Nothing could be further from the truth. Legit SD, the kind who aren't scammers, pic collectors, "salt daddies" (men who pretend to be wealthy and trick young women into physical intimacy but never, or rarely, provide any actual benefits), or beggars, are here to build intimate relationships. And yes, intimate relationships involve physical intimacy. Real SR are more than just sex. Purely sexual encounters are, simply put, escorts. Now, there's nothing wrong with being an escort, but that isn't why we men are here.

So, to recap, men (SD) are here to find sugar relationships (SR) that include all the things a normal (vanilla) relationship has: mental, emotional, and physical intimacy. We do not want platonic, online-only friends. We don't have to pay for that. That's free, and to be honest, if that's what we're looking for, we're going to seek out persons closer to our age so that there's a lot of commonality to draw upon. We do not want to buy your pictures or videos, whether feet or lingerie or nudes. OnlyFans and places like that are for such things. If you're not willing to commit to all the aspects of a vanilla relationship, then the sugar lifestyle is not for you.

But don't take just my word for it. Spend as much time as you like here trying to get an SD to provide financial benefits without any physical intimacy. You might get lucky and land an SD, but 99.99% of you won't. Because, again, that's not what SugarDaddyMeet or any other SR platform is for.

Pandemic Note: Yes, we're in the middle of a Covid-19 pandemic, which can limit social interaction. Safety is essential, and if your potential SD isn't willing to mask up, have a socially distant meet-and-greet, and raises red flags in their chats or actions that alert you to the fact they are willing to ignore the seriousness of Covid-19, the best thing you can do for both of you is to move on. I personally know a number of persons who have contracted this because of their foolish or careless behavior, and it's not pretty. There's lifelong health issues that come with it, and as you can imagine, the risk is almost always higher for us older folks.

Be safe.

Mask up.

Socially distance until you're sure your potential partner won't endanger either of you.

And the same goes for you. Parties, bars, social gatherings... those are big red flags for us SD.

Safety Is Essential

It's a scary world out there sometimes. Not all men are crazed, aggressive lunatics (and if you encounter pushy, aggressive SD, best to quickly block them and move on, red flags are red for a reason). But sometimes men can be... not such great candidates for sugar relationships. So here's some excellent tips that every SB should follow.

  1. Don't give out any personally identifying information until you've had your initial meet-and-greet with your potential SD, and even then, until you've established a relationship and built trust, don't give out too much info. If an SD complains about this, pushes for this information, let them know you're not comfortable. If they persist, that's a red flag. Trust is earned, and it isn't earned in the span of a single date, or even a single intimate (physical) encounter.
  2. Get yourself a burner number for texting away from this (or any) website. SugarDaddyMeet website is for meeting and matching with potential partners, but it's not the best for exchanging messages beyond initial chatting. Most legit SD will want to quickly move to text (SMS, SnapChat, etc.). This isn't really a red flag. I usually give an SB my burner # after a some light message exchanges. This is because there are some things best left discussed away from this website, plus the fact that the chat system is clunky compared to normal texting apps. But never give out your "real" phone number or chat credentials until the trust I talked about earlier is established. Here's some options:
  3. Google Voice - free, legit, can be tied to a burner Gmail/Google account so that your personally identifying info isn't revealed.
  4. "Burner" app (iOS / Android) - The free version is extremely limited, but the premium version is only $4.99/month. This is what I use. It's cheap, and you can "burn" your number and get a different one as many times as you like (or need, should you attract an unsavory character that makes you feel uncomfortable or unsafe).
  5. "Hushed" app (iOS / Android) - $3.99/month. Never used it, but it gets high ratings from users.
  6. There's more options than just these, Google is your friend. The only worthy free one is Google Voice. But the paid ones I listed are very much worth the money.
  7. ALWAYS have your initial meet-and-greet in a public place. Any SD that insists he pick you up at your place, or even near your place... Refuse. Any SD that insists you meet in a place that isn't very public, well-lit, and has multiple escape routes (should that become necessary)... Refuse. Meet-and-greets are for you to meet your potential SD, make sure he looks like his pictures (and for him to make sure you look like yours), and spend time chatting in-person to see if you click. Online personas can be vastly different than in-person, and even if your potential SD is exactly the same person online and in the real world, sometimes you find that there's just nothing there in the feelings or chemistry department.
  8. Meet-and-greets are platonic dates for the most part. They're designed to lead into future dates that are not platonic. So wear something cute but conservative. Your SD wants to see you from head to toe, but you don't need (nor shouldn't) a tight miniskirt, thigh-high fishnets, 6" stiletto heels, and a tube top to impress him. All of the SB I've had an M&G with have worn jeans, a hoodie or sweater, or a coat (depending on season) except one, who wore a fashionably cute dress that was perfect for a walk downtown. If an SB shows up like she's headed to a Burning Man festival or rave, that's a turn-off for me. I, any legit SD really (the kind who will treat you right, be a gentleman in the streets, as they say), absolutely want to see what's under your clothing, but not until we see what's inside your head, what your personality is like.
  9. Your potential SD should always offer to pay for the date, regardless of what it is. Usually it's coffee, lunch or dinner, a walk around downtown or a very public park, whatever you both agree on. Your potential SD should also offer to pay for gas or your public transportation fare, but that's going to be twenty bucks or less in almost every case, and expecting more than that is bad form. It also gives off bad vib
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Yeah it looks the target audience required to make a difference doesn't even look at the blogs, if anything, it would be influential if these words came from a woman. Although I do vaguely recall a SB blog post a while back that was close enough.

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February 25

I'm starting to see that a lot of SB's on here can be categorized in your first paragraph here. Or they are fake. I appreciate your input about what a SR is all about. Hopefully some SB's may read your blog and understand. But by what I've on here probably not. Thank again man!