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An SD's Guide To Sugaring - Part 1 cont.: Sugaring & Safety!

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  1. Your potential SD should always offer to pay for the date, regardless of what it is. Usually it's coffee, lunch or dinner, a walk around downtown or a very public park, whatever you both agree on. Your potential SD should also offer to pay for gas or your public transportation fare, but that's going to be twenty bucks or less in almost every case, and expecting more than that is bad form. It also gives off bad vibes to SD who will see it as you are out to get as much money as possible from them. Refer back to my opening about what an SR is. Yes, it's about financially beneficial relationships, but if it's just about money, it's not a sugar relationship. And we're all here for the relationship.
  2. Never feel obligated to have physical intimacy at an M&G. You might click really well with a potential SR, to the point it does lead to physical, but 99% of the time, it won't. Any potential SD who pushes you for more on a M&G should raise red flags. They're not what I call legit SD. Legit SD want physical intimacy, absolutely, but we want the full enchilada, the relationship part as well.
  3. How many platonic dates before you move to intimacy? Well, that's up to you and your SD. Some SB want at least 2-4 dates to make sure they mesh well with the other person. Sometimes it only requires one platonic date before both of you realize you can't wait to put your hands all over each other. Just make sure you're both on the same page, and always alert the other party if you're just not feeling it. Money is never worth the trouble that can come from going down roads you didn't really want to travel. Having sex with someone you're just not into so you can get some financial benefits typically leads to negative emotions for you, and sends the SD the wrong message. You don't want this. Trust me. It's not healthy emotionally (or mentally), and can lead to some very ugly behavior from men.
  4. NEVER go to someone's house or apartment until you're absolutely sure he's trustworthy. Sure, humans can pretend, can turn on a dime, and so forth, but you've been alive long enough that you hopefully have learned to trust that little alarm bell in your head, have learned to pay attention to red flags. I'd wager that every legit SD is a decent human and wants nothing more than to build a relationship with you, would never do anything to put you in danger or make you feel uncomfortable, but, you know, be careful. Listen to that inner voice. I know mine has saved me quite a few times, has kept me from getting caught up in situations that weren't healthy.
  5. Be EXTREMELY wary of going on a road trip in someone's car until you're absolutely sure the person you're with is safe, trustworthy. I probably don't have to explain this one.
  6. ALWAYS tell at least one friend that you're going on a date and that they should expect you to check-in via text or a phone call every so often. This really should be #1, but because this is a sugar relationship thing, it can put you in a very odd position. It's rarely a good idea to tell even your closest friend that you're sugaring, as the judgement and even ridicule (or worse, they blab to others) can cause friendships to end. At the same time, having someone looking out for you is essential. My suggestion is to just tell them it's a regular date with someone your own age, and if it works out, you can simply say "nah, it didn't work out" once you're sure your potential SD isn't a crazed axe murderer so you don't have to explain it to your friend(s).
  7. Remember. SAFETY FIRST. Prioritize it.
  8. Speaking of... condoms and STDs. Anyone who pressures you into sex without protection should raise big red flags. If they complain about the usual nonsense ("it doesn't feel as good" and so forth), stand your ground. This doesn't mean you can't eventually move to sex without condoms. For me, I always start with them, even if the SB doesn't require them. I require them. That being said, regular STD testing and honesty about other sexual partners either of you are also seeing is important to discuss openly. I've moved to condomless sex after both of us have been tested and we're both sure the other is being honest about other partners. And yes, it definitely feels better, is more intimate, all that good stuff, but that's a level you get to after trust is established. Oh, and of course, we can't forget about pregnancy. I'm pretty sure you don't want a baby as a product of your sugar relationship(s), and I can absolutely guarantee we SD do NOT want to have a child in these relationships.

Right. Well, that's enough long-winded advice for today. Keep checking back for more, as in the future I'll cover other important topics such as how to create an effective profile that captures the attention of the type of SD you're looking for. We might even be able to cover such topics as financial benefits, but that might be taboo beyond some very general info. Anyway, that's all for now. Thanks for reading!


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Thank you so much for this! I am extremely new to this and it helped a lot.

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This is a great post and I appreciate the advice for those that are new to this culture. I've been at this for about six years and have learned some valuable lessons as well. More importantly, I appreciate the emphasis on safety. All SBs who take this community seriously should read this post.

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February 25

I agree with all your points on here. It's unfortunate that most are focused on the money instead of a relationship.

Thanks again for your input!


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February 11

Ceratinly if an SB is just focussed on how much cash she can get, she is not an SB, but an escort. Look at the whole benefit, the big picture. A true SB wante to truly connect with her SD, & appreciates the nice dinners, gifts etc as much as any cash.

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For someone new to this lifestyle this was extremely helpful. i do have a few questions regarding my personal experiences. Id love to have a private chat to discuss these.